Hungry Plants
by Mary Batten; illustrated by Paul Mirocha

Kids LOVE carnivorous plants. Seriously!  We've yet to meet a child who didn't find them beyond fascinating. This book captures that interest in an early reader aimed at children in grades 2-3. Readers learn all about carnivorous plants, particularly the Venus flytrap, the sundew, the pitcher plant, and the bladderwort (ie: structure of the plant, how it captures insects...).

The writing is clear and interesting, with just enough drama to keep the pages turning.  And Mirocha's illustrations make the science clear!  If you are doing a unit on plants or non-fiction books and have a reluctant reader on your hands, try this Step Into Reading title.

Interest Level:  Grades 4-8                   Lexile Measure: 780L

Below is a sample spread from inside this book.  The illustrations are fabulous!

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