How Many Bugs in a Box?
A Pop-Up Counting Book by David Carter

A pop-up counting book of comical bugs that literally burst out of the box with each turn of the page. Each spread features a different number of bugs, making this a fun book for teaching the numbers 1-10. The wow factor varies quite a bit from spread to spread, but it's still a fun experience nonetheless.  Note: The playful bugs are Carter's own creations (ie: 'saw bugs' that have saws for noses) so don't buy this book if you are looking for science lessons on bugs!  :)

Interest Levels:  
Kindergarten - 2nd grade    

Pop-up books are always tricky for using with children (ie: without adult supervision, guess how long those little swords will remain intact...?) This is definitely a book you will want to set aside for special viewing, but it's so fun and silly, your kids will oooh and aaaaah and giggle.

Teaching Idea: A pair of creative Kindergarten teachers have created a book template to do with your kids after reading this adorable book. To learn more about this book, you fill find more details on their Pinterest page by clicking here.

See Inside:  To appreciate a pop-up book, you have to see it in action.  Here's a video we found on YouTube where someone is going through this book page by page.  There's no narration of the text, but you will see the pop-up elements. Click below to see the video.

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