Hear Your Heart
by Paul Showers & Holly Keller

This book provides a simple, child-friendly introduction to the heart, with clear diagrams and minimal but effective explanations. Children learn the very basics of how a heart works, how blood flows through it, and the role of valves, veins, and arteries. Part of the popular series Let's Read and Find Out Science.

This is a potentially confusing topic for children, but Shower's explanations are crystal clear!  Booklist said the book's "open, informal design brings the physiology right into daily life. Factual, accurate, and fun" Teachers will appreciate how the text guides readers through a few hands on activities, like taking your pulse and listening to the heartbeats of others using a cardboard tube stethoscope.

Reading Levels: 
Interest Level:  Grade 1-4
DRA Level: 24
Lexile Measure: 500L

Sample Pages: 
Below are sample
pages showing children listening to the heart beats of others using cardboard stethoscopes (the book touches on how the heartbeat varies according to age.) Other pages include diagrams of the heart and other kid-friendly information about the circulatory system.

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