Founding Fathers of America
best biographies for children

The founding fathers of America lived a loooooong time ago, and kids sometimes have a hard time relating to them or understanding why it is that adults are always calling them "great men." But children's books can help personalize these men relating their characters and the events of their lives in accessible and interesting ways for children.

Listed below are well written children's biographies of some of the Founding Fathers of America. We hope you find this list helpful!

Books on the Founding Fathers of America

John, Paul, George
and Ben

(fictional childhood stories
about four founding fathers)

1st grade - 5th grade

Thomas Jefferson
(bright mixed-media
illustrations and lively text)
by Cheryl Harness
3rd grade - 7th grade     

And Then What
Happened, Paul

by Jean Fritz
Grade 2 & Up

Will You Sign Here,
John Hancock

by Jean Fritz
3rd grade - 6th grade

Dangerous Crossing
The Revolutionary Voyage
of John and John
Quincy Adams

by Steven Krensky
2nd grade - 4th grade

Thomas Jefferson
A Picture Book Biography
by James Cross Giblin
3rd grade - 6th grade

George Washington:  For books about George Washington, click below:

Ben Franklin
:  For books about Benjamin Franklin, click below:

books for older kids about Founding Fathers

Below are several other well-recommended children's biographies of about the found fathers. We don't have dedicated review pages for these books because we haven't had a chance to read yet, but we wanted to let you know about them...

  • The Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr by Judith St. George (Grade 5-9)
  • Mr. Revere and I: Being an Account of Certain Episodes in the Career of Paul Revere, as Revealed by his Horse  by Robert Lawson (Grade 4-8)
  • Duel! Burr and Hamilton's Deadly War of Words by Dennis Fradin and Larry Day (Grade 3-6)

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