Everything I Know About Pirates
by Tom Lichtenheld

A hilarious 'reference book' with nonsense explanations for all things related to pirates, from the reason for clothing choices (like holey books are worn for ventilation "to prevent toe crud") to a display of different pirate flags (like the "1620 Hot Dog and Crossbones") to preferred knife carrying locations ("Pirates will often carry their knives in their mouths, although the practice is frowned upon by the American Dental Association.")

And, there's even a section to help kids pick suitable pirate names. Seriously fun stuff! Paired with cheerful cartoon illustrations, this book "will shiver the timbers and tickle the funny bones." (Publisher's Weekly)

Reading Levels
Interest Level:  Kindergarten - Grade 2
Grade Level Equivalent:   4.9
DRA Level:   38
Guided Reading Level:   P
Lexile Measure:  

Below are sample spreads from inside this book.  As you can see, it's definitely more for individual reading than as a read aloud: