Dory Story

by Jerry Pallotta
illustrated by David Biedrzycki

Jerry Pallotta's Dory Story is a great book to use when teaching about the oceanic food chain.  It is indeed a story about a dory (a small boat) and a boy who goes against his parents' admonitions and rows out into the bay all alone so that he can see some ocean life firsthand.

Written in first person, the little boy narrates what he sees--an oceanic food chain in action. If you're teaching about food chains and food webs, Dory Story could be a fun supplemental book. As this is a story, the subject is not taught directly, but we like reading it aloud during story time on a day that we are teaching about food webs in order to help deepen what we have just taught that day during science.

An International Reading Association Children's Choices Selection!

Reading Levels for DOry Story

Interest Level:   K-Gr. 2                    DRA Level:  25                       Lexile: 500L
Grade Level Equiv:  3.3                  Guided Reading:  M

See Inside This Book

Below are a few sample spreads to give you an idea of Biedrzycki's vibrantly colored, luminous illustrations and also give you an idea of the amount of text.  The first sample spread occurs early in the book. It reads:  "My mom and dad always told me, 'You're just a kid, so don't ever go out in the boat alone!' But one night I learned about plankton. These tiny sea creatures are invisible during the day, but sometimes, after dark, they light up. I wanted to learn more."

In the second spread below, the boy is rowing toward the big rock and sees a school of sand eels (also called sand lances) eating some shrimp.

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