Constitution Translated
for Kids

by Cathy Travis

This book is called Constitution Translated for Kids, but let's face it... some adults (ourselves included!) could benefit from a translation of this dense, historical document.  If you are looking for a no-nonsense, straightforward book that goes through the Constitution and explains what it means, sentence-by-sentence and article-by-article, then this book is for you! 

Cathy Travis provides the original wording on the left and a more readable, easy to understand translation on the right. (See sample page below). There is also a section on how the Constitution evolved, the branches of the government, and the different amendments.

As mentioned above, this is a great resource for kids, but it's also a great resource for adults too. Teachers: we're looking at you! :)  If you are tasked with teaching the Constitution, this book could be invaluable. Most of us think we understand what each section means, but this book helps you KNOW what each section means. And doesn't having that extra level of confidence and comfort with a subject make teaching it just that much more fun. 

Interest Level:    Grades 5-10

Below is a spread from inside this book.  Each spread includes a few small black and white illustrations, but the bulk of the content is text, divided with the actual words of the Constitution on the left side of the page and a verse-for-version translation on the right side of the page.

Here is a zoomed in section taken from the page above.  If you read this small section, you can see how Cathy Travis has translated the formal verbiage of the original into clear, straightforward wording that will be more familiar and easily digestible for your students (and maybe yourself too).

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