Click, Clack, Boo: A Tricky Treat!
by Doreen Cronin; ill. by Betsy Lewin

Farmer Brown doesn't like Halloween, with all its witches and costumes and jack o'lanters. So, he decides to stick some candy out, close the shutters, and skip it all together. 

But, as fans of the series might guess, the barnyard animals have something entirely different in mind. They do want to celebrate Halloween, and have some fun trickery up their sleeve.

This book will be a hit with kids, especially those familiar with the series (and thus excitedly predicting that the animals will certainly thwart Farmer Brown's plans). 

This book is perfect for this audience at Halloween time -- just a touch of fun Halloween spookiness but certainly not enough to scare any young ones.

Interest Level:   Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Below are the first two spreads from inside this book. Fans of the series will recognize Lewin's broad, black lines and watercolor paintings. Good stuff. :)

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