Breakfast at Danny's Diner
A Book About Multiplication

by Judith Stamper
illustrated by Chris Demarest

Breakfast at ´╗┐Danny's Diner starts with a busy morning diner scene, with Danny's twin niece and nephew, Tina and Tony, helping out. There is a lot of work to do-there are tables to be set and food orders to take care of. The twins are overwhelmed. But when they put their multiplication skills to work, the diner runs better than ever!

Below are some sample pages from inside this All Aboard Math Reader for learning multiplication. As you can see, it's in an early chapter book format, with lots of accompanying full-color pictures to maintain kids interest and understanding.

"Word problems, such as how many eggs are needed to complete three orders of Danny's breakfast special with each serving needing three eggs, offer a practical application for math skills. Real-life uses for math calculations and a fun story add up to a tasty treat."  (School Library Journal)

"Part of the All Aboard Math Reader series, this makes math a natural part of the story. Demarest's clear, active, line-and-watercolor pictures extend the fun, and kids will enjoy the view from the kitchen of a place and food they know well."(Booklist)

Interest Level:   1st grade - 3rd grade

Below are sample spreads from inside this cute reader. These sample pages will give you an idea of the illustrations and the amount/difficulty of the text:

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