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Big George:
How A Shy Boy Became President Washington

Big George: How A Shy Boy Became President Washington
by Anne Rockwell
illustrated by Matt Phelan

Before he was the face on the dollar bill, George Washington was a shy boy with a hot temper. But George had character and adaptability. He taught himself courage and self-control. At an early age, and without really realizing it, George Washington gathered the qualities he’d need to become one of the greatest leaders America has ever known.

Written in a conversational tone, this readable title includes large dramatic illustrations that are full of emotion.Anne Rockwell’s prose is dignified, Matt Phelan’s illustrations are striking, and the details they reveal about George Washington’s early days are fascinating, sometimes tragic, and always moving.

"A fine biography that respects its audience as much as its subject." (Booklist)

"Overall, a dynamic examination of one of America’s first leaders."  (Kirkus Reviews)

Interest Level:    Grades 1-4

Below are sample spreads from inside this book.  Hopefully they give you a gist of what this book is like.

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