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Bean Thirteen
by Matthew McElligott

In Bean Thirteen, two insect buddies have collected 13 beans for dinner and would like to divide their loot evenly but it never works out. No matter what they do, they always have 'bean 13' left over. They invite a friend over, thinking dividing the beans by three will solve the problem. When it doesn't, they invite more friends over, but they can't seem to escape that left over bean.

This is an ADORABLE, kid-friendly story for teaching division. The brightly colored cartoon illustrations appeal to kids and the whole party food predicament comes across as quite a serious dilemma for kids!

And...the use of lima beans! What a natural  lead in for hands-on classroom learning. Indeed, School Library Journal ended their review by saying "Youngsters will undoubtedly enjoy this funny tale; teachers will truly appreciate the connections it makes to their curriculum and the use of manipulatives in math."

Reading Level for Bean Thirteen

Interest Level:  Kindergarten - Grade 3
Grade Level Equivalent:  2.1
DRA Level:  16
Guided Reading Level:  J
Lexile Measure:  320L

Read-Aloud vs. Individual Reading:
For kids in Kindergarten to first grade, this book will need to be a read-aloud rather than for individual reading, as the reading level will be too high for the majority of them. Most second graders may be able to read this book on their own (since the reading level is at where kids generally end their first grade year.)

See Inside Bean Thirteen

Below are sample spreads from inside this book. We love the illustrations... and kids will definitely "get" the division problem and be interested in how these cute little guys will be able to solve it.

Bean Thirteen
Lesson / Activity Ideas

Author Matthew McElligott has created some lesson / activity ideas to go with this book, and has them on his website.  They include:

  • Bean Math -- a series of projects that use beans to explore concepts of odd and even numbers, division, remainders, fractions, and prime and composite numbers.
  • No More Beans -- where students select the appropriate parts of speech with the right number of syllables to complete a poem about Ralph and Flora.
  • Invite a Bug to Dinner -- a drawing activity about the bugs that should be invited to the party
  • Flora's Magic Disappearing Bean -- a printable puzzle, where kids cut out the pieces and try to figure out how swapping two halves of the set of beans can turn thirteen into twelve.

To see these Bean Thirteen lesson / activity ideas, click the link or the pictures below.

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