Alive: The Living, Breathing Human Body Book
by DK Publishing

This title is one part science, one part art, and 100% engaging. If you're teaching kids human body lessons, this is one fun and educational book to have in your arsenal!  Each spread brims with paper sculptures and other novelty items (pop-ups, pull tables, sound chips, fiber optics...), plus ample illustrations, diagrams, etc.  The cover has a button that, when pressed, fires neurons in an illustration of a brain, and in one spread, there's even a 3-D heart that actually beats!

BookPage called it an "irresistible multi-sensory introduction to biology... captivating." You'll have to be careful with this book, since it's full of pop-ups, sound chips, acetates, fiber optics, etc... However, it's such a captivating, unique book that we think it's worth the extra care required. The text is a bit challenging for young kids, but the novelty features will encourage so much learning that this is still a solid resource of the classroom, even if the reading level is a bit too high.

This book was selected for a Parent's Choice Award for Non-Fiction!

Interest Level:   Grade 4+

See inside
Below are sample spreads from inside Alive: The Living, Breathing Human Body Book, showing the fantastic paper sculptures, smaller novelty items (ie: the small lift-the-tab in the corner), and amply illustrated pages. And see that literally beats!!! So fun, so interesting!

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