A Rattle of Bones

A Rattle of Bones: A Halloween Book of Collective Nouns by Kipling West

In this title, two trick-or-treating children encounter a range of situations containing collective nouns, like: a BRIDGE of trolls, a RATTLE of bones, and a CACKLE of hyenas. If you're teaching collective nouns, this is a fun book to use, even if it isn't around Halloween time.

The professional review agencies were mixed on this title, and so are we. The illustrations and concept are adorable, but we wonder if using more well-known collective nouns would have been better to help ensure that students really 'get' what collective nouns are. Then again, School Library Journal called the collective nouns "clever and intriguing" so perhaps it's just us.

Interest Levels    2nd grade - 5th grade

See inside   
Below are two sample spreads from inside this book: 

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