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A Lime, a Mime, a Pool of Slime:
More About Nouns

written by Brian Cleary
illustrated by Brian Gable

Just like its predecessor, A Lime, a Mime, a Pool of Slime delivers tons of examples of nouns, including abstract and proper nouns, in an upbeat, kid friendly way. As with the previous book, the zaniness of the text is amplified by the illustrations.  This isn't our favorite in the series, as the randomness of the examples can get a bit distracting. Still, this book can be useful for teaching nouns in the classroom. Booklist ended its review of this book by saying, "recommended as an antidote to snooze-producing grammar texts".  :)

This book is part of the popular and effective Words are CATegorical series of children's language arts books. The books in this series feature zany cats providing oodles of examples of different language arts topics like a part of speech, a type of figurative language, etc (one topic per book).

Interest Level:    2nd grade - 4th grade

Below are sample spreads from inside this book. Fans of the series will recognize the characteristic illustrations:

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