40 Uses for a Grandpa and
41 Uses for a Grandma

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by Harriet Ziefert; illustrated by Amanda Haley

Full of whimsical illustrations, these two titles lovingly list and shows 40 or 41 fun things that grandpas and grandmas often do with their grand- children, like building a toy or timing a race or turning the page when your playing music, or even just "warming your hands." 

These book truly are 'just' illustrated lists of 40 or 41 things. The text is quite minimal, but we still think they are quite adorable and fun. Preview the pages using the Amazon 'look inside tool' to see what we mean. Some Amazon users wanted more text, but others were delighted with the books just as they are. It's probably best to peak inside and and decide for yourself before buying them.

Interest Level:  Preschool - 1st grade

Below are sample spreads from inside these adorable books:

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