Water Cycle for Kids
best children's books

Below are the best picture books on the water cycle for kids. This is a fun subject to the teach. Kids love learning those big, big words!  However, the fact that children cannot SEE much of the water cycle means many children struggle to understand it. This is where great picture books can help!

We like using books on the water cycle for kids for two reasons:

  1. they provide an ideal way to make the invisible visible (ie: water vapor, evaporation...)
  2. they also show the very large scales involved (ie: movement from cloud to rain to mountain run off to stream...)

Showing diagrams and verbally explaining the facts of the water cycle are effective techniques for teaching the water cycle for kids, but adding a thoughtful and engaging children's picture book on the water cycle to the mix might just make the difference for some of your students.

Best Books on the Water Cycle for Kids
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All the Water in the World
(graphic, rhythmic take on where
water comes from, where it goes,
and why we must protect it)
by George Ella Lyon

preschool - 1st grade

The Snowflake:
A Water Cycle Story

(traces a single droplet over a
year as it changes forms)
by Neil Waldman

1st grade - 5th grade

Did A Dinosaur Drink
This Water?

(covers a lot of ground!...the water
cycle, water habitats, ocean currents,
hydroelectricity, conservation...)
by Robert Wells

2nd grade - 5th grade

Down Comes the Rain
(covers all the basics like how
clouds form, why rain occurs,
how water is recycled, etc.)

Let's Read & Find Out Science series
by Franklyn Branley
2nd grade - 4th grade

Magic School Bus: Wet All Over
(Mrs. Frizzle's class shrinks down
and goes thru the water cycle)
by Joanna Cole
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks
(water cycle for middle grades)
by Joanna Cole
2nd grade - 4th grade

A Cool Drink of Water
(text and National Geographic
photographs show people using /
conserving water around the world)
by Barbara Kerley

preschool - 2nd grade

A Drop Around the World
(Follow a drop around the world--
watch it change from steam to
snow, in a plant, underground...)
by Barbara Shaw McKinney

1st grade - 6th grade

A Drop of Water
(another 'follow a drop' book --
not our first choice but a possibility
for middle grades children)
by Gordon Morrison

2nd grade - 4th grade

One Well: The Story of
Water on Earth

(about water conservation and how
all water 'comes from one well')
by Rochelle Strauss

4th grade - 8th grade

A Drop of Water
(stunning close-up photographs
of water in different stages)
by Walter Wick
2nd grade - 6th grade

Water Dance
(stages of the water cycle
dramatically depicted through
a series of paintings of the
Catskills wilderness)
by Thomas Locker

2nd grade - 5th grade

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