There Once Was a Sky
Full of Stars

written by Bob Crelin
illustrated by Arnie Zinner

This charmingly illustrated book is a good resource for discussing a serious problem for astronomy: light pollution.

In addition to providing helpful information on observing the night sky, this title also provides an age-appropriate explanation of the true impact of sky-glow, and what can be done about it. Truly unique and useful in the classroom.

Units on the solar system for kids often include activities that have students actually observing the night sky. Unfortunately, students don't often see the sky full of stars that they were expecting. This book provides a clear, age-appropriate discussion of light pollution, how it impacts what we see in the sky at night, and what can be done about it.

Interest Level:  2nd grade - 5th grade

Below are sample spreads from inside this book. To see larger versions of these spreads, simply click on the images.

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