teaching phonics

Teaching Phonics with Children's Books
Consonant Blends and Diagraphs, Prefixes,
Suffixes, Silent
Letters, Controlled R,
Vowel Diphthongs, and Inflectional Endings

teaching phonics

Teaching phonics covers many different word decoding strategies. To help with this, the following books cover a range of phonics topics, including consonant blends or diagraphs, controlled r, prefixes & suffixes, inflectional endings, silent letters and vowel diphthongs...

We couldn't find enough great children's books to make dedicated pages for each individual word decoding strategy in the list above. Someday. In the meantime, this is our 'catch all' page for children's books that help with many facets of teaching phonics.

The books below are all appropriate for children in preschool, Kinder- garten, 1st grade, and/or 2nd grade. Considering the importance of this task, we'd love to grow this list. Please share your favorite books for teaching phonics.

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The Clown
The Clown in the Gown Drives the Car...
by Brian Cleary

Cleary brings his trademark playful humor to this title focused on r-controlled vowels and diphthongs. The rhyming, repetitious text is paired with vibrant cartoon-like digital illustrations to make this a great book for teaching phonics to early reader.

Topics Covered:  vowel diphthongs & controlled R

Interest Level: K-Gr.1   Difficulty Level: age 4-8

Phonics Children's Books
Sounds Like Reading
consonant blends and diagraphs

The following books in the Sounds Like Reading series teach blends and diagraphs using rhyme, repetition, humor and vibrant digital illustrations:

   -The Frail Snail on the Trail (blends)
   -Stop, Drop, and Flop in the Slop (blends)
   -The Thing on the Wing Can Sing (diagraphs)
   -Whose Shoes Would You Choose (diagraphs)

Topics Covered:  consonant blends & diagrams

Interest Level: K-Gr.1    Difficulty Level: age 4-8

Click for see inside Sounds Like Reading series
Silent Letters Loud and Clear

Interest Lvl: Gr. 1-3    Difficulty: age 4-8
Silent Letters Loud and Clear
by Robin Pulver

The students in Mr. Wright's class are frustrated with silent letters, so they decide to write a letter to the local newspaper recommending they be banned. When the letters find out, they decide to
teach the class a lesson. Kirkus Reviews called this book "so clever and fun that teachers and students will be enthralled."

Topics Covered:  Silent Letters

Happy Endings

Interest: Gr. 1-3    Difficulty: age 4-8
Happy Endings
A Story About Suffixes

Just as Mr. Wright is about to teach his class about suffixes, he discovers that they have disappeared from the board.  The class begins searching for them hanging wanted posters around the school (minus suffixes, of course). When the suffixes realize they are wanted after all, they leave clues to help the students find them.

Topics Covered:  Suffixes

Click to see inside Happy Endings
The Peaches on the Beaches
The Peaches on the Beaches
by Brian Cleary

Rhyme and repetition work together to create a fun story that introduces inflectional endings like -s, -ing, and -ed. Funny and clever text and colorful digital illustrations make this a standout series for teaching phonics and inflectional endings.

Topics Covered:  Inflectional Endings

Interest Level: K-Gr.1     Difficulty Level: age 4-8

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book for teaching ing
Spring in the Kingdom of Ying
inflectional endings

In the Kingdom of Ying in spring, the bells ring and the frogs sing. This humorous read-aloud story, part of the Word Family Tales series, was created to build early phonics skills by teaching children to recognize the -ing family of words like cling, ding, shoestring, sling, earring, and everything.

Topics Covered: Inflectional Endings

Interest Level: K-Gr.2    Difficulty Level: age 4-8

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If You Were a Prefix

Interest: Gr. 2-4    Difficulty: age 9-12
If You Were a Prefix
Word Fun Series

Another fun book in the 'If You Were' series--this one for teaching prefixes. In their review, SLJ said the "bright acrylic illustrations will help younger children visualize each part of speech."

Topics Covered:  Prefixes

Click for more on If You Were a Prefix
If You Were aSuffix

Interest: Gr. 2-4    Difficulty: age 9-12
If You Were a Suffix
Word Fun Series

A great book to use when teaching suffixes. Examples are in a different color and capitals to make them stand out from the rest of the text. Colorful, whimsical illustrations add to the fun.

Topic Covered:  Suffixes

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Do you know of a great children's book for teaching phonics about consonant blends and diagraphs, controlled r, inflectional endings, silent letters or vowel diphthongs? If so, please let us know by completing the Suggest a Book form, located in the top right hand column. Thank you!

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