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Below are some of the best books about seasons for kids. Virtually all children are curious to know what causes the seasons, even children who live in relatively seasonless places like Southern California. :) I grew up there, and remember how excited I was to see actual snow for the first time and how I used to watch intently whenever kids were raking up fall leaves on television, wondering what that would be like. Seasons weren't a big factor in my daily life, but I was still quite curious!

When the Wind Stops
When the Wind Stops
by Charlotte Zolotow

Summary: In this "perfect introduction to natural science" (SLJ), a young boy asks his mother a series of questions about wind, clouds, seasons, etc. Her responses are full of rich verbal imagery and paired by vibrant paint-on-wood illustrations. SLJ called this book "a hymn to the continuity of the natural world."

Interest Level--PreS-K    Difficulty Level--age 4-8
Red Sings from Treetops
Red Sings from Treetops
A Year in Colors

This book about seasons takes a unique approach, exploring each season in relation to the colors and senses that the seasons conjure up in the author's mind (ie: old leaves and crushed berries smell purple.) Each evocative word picture is paired with a charming, imaginative illustration.  

Rdg Levels: Interest PreS-Gr.1    Difficulty age 4-8

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Green Eyes
Green Eyes
by Abe Birnbaum

An updated edition of the classic 1953 Caldecott Honor book on seasons for kids. Green Eyes features a curious little kitten that ventures outside the safety of his red box to greet each new season and discover what makes them unique. The New Yorker called this book "spectacular." 

Reading Levels:
Interest Level-- K-Gr.1    Difficulty Level--age 4-8

A Tree for All Seasons
A Tree for All Seasons
by Robin Bernard

As the title suggests, this book looks at a tree throughout the year to see how it changes with the seasons. In crisp, large photographs and casual, conversational text, A Tree for All Seasons also discusses the parts of a tree--in this case a large maple--and how those parts function.

Reading Levels:
Interest Level-- K-Gr.2      Difficulty Level--age 4-8

More details on this book coming soon.

Satellite Images of the Seasons        
Check out this interesting animation that shows the seasons and was created using NASA images (It's basically a slide show of sattelite images of the earth--one for each month of the year).
satellite image of seasons

Sunshine Makes the Seasons
Sunshine Makes the Seasons
(Lets Read and Find Out Science Series)

Summary: This newly updated classic explains how the rotation of the earth creates our seasons, and includes a simple experiment to help students actually see how the tilt of the earth plays a role.

Rdg Levels:  Interest--K-Gr.3    Difficulty--age 4-8

Sky Tree : Seeing Science Through Art
Sky Tree
Seeing Science Through Art

Another 'tree through the seasons' book, this one featuring Locker's dramatic oil paintings and lyrical writing style. There are many books about trees through the season, and teachers looking for clear discussions on the topic would probably be better off with another book. However, teachers looking for artistic approaches to the topic cannot do better than Locker's beautifully rich illustrations.

Reading Levels:
Interest Level-- Gr. 1-3     Difficulty Level-- age 4-8
The Reason for the Seasons
The Reasons for Seasons
by Gail Gibbons

Clear and accessible explanations are paired with Gibbon's trademark bright illustrations in this well- done introduction to seasons. Gibbons covers solstices, equinoxes, the earth's tilt and orbit...all the basics. This is "just what teachers need to fill that open niche in their curriculum plans." (SLJ)

Rdg Levels:  Interest--Gr. 2-3    Difficulty--age 4-8

Hopefully the books above will help you in your classroom as you teach the seasons. Right now we only have books that cover all four seasons and the causes behind the seasons. Soon, we plan to add books on specific seasons for kids. Until then, we have shown you the covers below so if you need a book right away, you can pop over to Amazon and read about it there.

   COMING SOON!   We are creating pages on individual seasons with books like:   
We have a book list on the WINTER season. The page will be uploaded very soon.
Winter Books
We have a book list on the SPRING season. The page will be uploaded very soon.
spring books
We have a book list on the SUMMER season. The page will be uploaded very soon.
Summer books
We have a book list on the FALL season. The page will be uploaded very soon.
Autumn books

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