Human Body for Kids
Best Children's Books

We've compiled a list of the most fun and educational books on the human body for kids. Students are naturally intrigued by lessons on human anatomy, as most kids in this age group have questions how their body works and LOVE to hear all the  'gross' aspects of human anatomy. In fact, we noticed that interjecting a little 'ick' into your human body curriculum can go a long way in retaining attention. 

Human body books for kids are also ideal for making a fairly complicated subject area more kid friendly-- with more age-appropriate words, explanations, and illustrations/images that are specifically picked for young minds. Below are some of the best children's books about the human body.  To see individual books, click on the linked title. And, don't forget to check out our list of  SALE books!

Best Books on the Human Body for Kids
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What Happens to
a Hamburger?

(a Lets Read & Find Out
Science book about
human digestive system
by Paul Showers 

Kindergarten - 2nd grade 

A Drop of Blood
(a Lets Read and Find
Out Science series book
about blood's vital role
in the human body)
by Paul Showers

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Why I Sneeze, Shiver,
and Yawn

(Lets Read & Find Out
Science book about how
reflexes help
to keep us healthy)
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Me and My
Amazing Body

(young girl guides readers on
a tour of the human body)
by Joan Sweeney

Preschool - 2nd grade

My Bodyworks
(award winning picture
book and 12-song CD
that teaches about the parts
of the human body)

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Dem Bones
(explores the skeletal
system, using the folk
song 'Dem Bones.')
by Bob Barner 

2nd grade - 4th grade 

(a little boy panics about
some bodily functions--
great discussion starter)
by Ted Arnold

Kindergarten - 2nd grade

My First Body Book
(DK encyclopedia with
accessible text and
tons of pictures)
by Christopher Rice

1st grade - 4th grade

From Head to Toe
The Amazing Human
Body and How It Works--
fun illustrations!
by Barbara Seuling
3rd grade - 5th grade

Hear Your Heart
(a Let's Read & Find Out Science
series introduction to the heart)
by Paul Showers

1st grade - 5th grade

My Five Senses
(a Lets Read & Find Out Science
book about human senses)

by Aliki

Kindergarten - 2nd grade 

(highly visual look at the
human skeletal system,
with clear text and
outstanding collages)
by Steve Jenkins

3rd grade - 6th grade

Inside Your Outside!
All About the Human
(a Cat in the Hat
Library book--funny,
accessible, interesting)
by Tish Rabe
Preschool - 1st grade

Dr. Frankenstein's
Human Body Book

The Monstrous Truth
About How Your Body
(Dr. Frankenstein's
body building course)

5th grade - 8th grade

The Blood-Hungry

and Other Poems About
Our Parts (
a truly silly but
also educational
collection of 34 poems) 

3rd grade - 5th grade

Alive: The Living Breathing Human
Body Book

(full of novelties like pop-ups,
pull tables, sound chips,
fiber optics, illustrations...)
by DK Publishing

4th grade and Up

The Body Book
Easy-To-Make Hands-On
(fantastic!--a teacher's dream! Handouts for kids to
create their own models)
 by Donald Silver

4th grade - 7th grade

The Magic School Bus
Inside the Human Body

(Mrs. Frizzle's class shrinks down
and goes into the human body)
by Joanna Cole 

1st grade - 4th grade

The Magic School Bus
Explores the Senses

(Mrs. Frizzle's class shrinks down
and goes into the human body)
by Joanna Cole

2nd grade - 5th grade

Kids Human Body Books by Seymour Simon
a whole series of books by "the dean of children's science writers" (NYTimes)
click on any of the books below to get more information

3rd grade - 8th grade

The Great Brain Book
Inside Look at the Inside Your Head
(a historical study of the brain to
modern advances and discoveries)
by HP Newquist

7th grade & Up

The Way We Work
Getting to Know the Amazing Human
(award winning, "enlightening,
entertaining, and a visual delight")

by David Macaulay

6th grade & Up

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