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best books about habitats in general

The following excellent children's books as great for introductory habitat lesson plans, as they discuss habitats in general and/or a number of world habitats in one book. We also have books on individual habitats. To see those lists, click the links below.

Note: The interest age for the books listed below increases as you move down the page.

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I Took A Walk
I Took a Walk
by Henry Cole

An introduction to four different habitats--woods, meadows, streams and ponds--all accompanied by bright acrylic illustrations, die-cut fold out flaps, and simple, first person text. Readers are encouraged to look within the illustration to find the many living things that make that environment a home.

Rdg Levels:  Interest--PreS-K     Difficulty--age
On the Way to the Beach
On the Way to the Beach
by Henry Cole

Like I Took a Walk, this title introduces readers to four different habitats--marsh, dunes, beach, and woods--each depicted in a gorgeous three-page foldout. Readers learn about the plants and wildlife that thrive within each habitat by finding them depicted in niches within each illustration.

Interest Level: PreS-Gr.1  Difficulty Level: age 4-8
I See a Kookaburra !
I See a Kookaburra!
Discovering Animal Habitats Around the World

Another stunner from illustrator Steve Jenkins!  This title introduces six different habitats--desert, pond, rainforest, coast, grassland, and forest--in clearly written descriptions and cut paper illustrations. The habitat's plants and wildlife hidden throughout, making this seek-and-find book not only great fun, but also "a first-rate foray into ecology." (SLJ)

Interest Level: K-Gr.4    Difficulty Level: age 4-8
DK Eyewitness -- Ecology
by Brian Lane

DK Eyewitness books are such visually striking, solid introductions to subjects that we think they're always a great buy for stocking your classroom library with material relevant to the units you teach. This title is no exception--clearly defining ecology and providing numerous examples of the tight inter- relationships within ecosystems. "Excellent." (SLJ)

Reading Levels:
Interest Level--Gr. 3-6    Difficulty Level--age 9-12
Amazing Biome Projects You Can Build Yourself
Amazing Biome Projects
You Can Build Yourself

What a great resource for planning habitat lesson plans! This book provides detailed introductions to nine different habitats, then suggests simple hands- on activities related to each habitat. Examples include how to make a glacier, a tornado in a bottle, rain forest 'crunch and munch', a 'desertarium' etc...

Reading Levels:
Interest Level--Gr. 4-7      Difficulty Level--age 9-12

We definitely need more overview books for introductory habitat lesson plans (ie...books that explain what habitats/biomes/ecosystems are and cover several different ones in one book.) So here's our usual pitch... Do you know of a good children's book for general habitat lesson plans? If so, please let us know by completing the Suggest a Book form, located in the top right column.

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