Books on Space and
Constellations for Kids

What a great time in history to be teaching about space and constellations for kids!  With improvements in space technology (like the Hubble telescope!), we now have so much more knowledge and so many breathtaking photographs that allow us to see these neighboring bodies 'up close and personal.' Many of the books below are packed with stunning, astonishing photographs of the planets, moons, stars, and galaxies in our universe. It's hard to not get intrigued! 

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The Big Dipper
(Lets Read and Find Out Science
series, Stage 1)

by Franklyn Branley
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

A Child's Introduction to
the Night Sky

by Michael Driscoll
4th grade - 6th grade

Zoo in the Sky
A Book of Animal Constellations
by Jacqueline Mitton
Preschool - 3rd grade

Once Upon a Starry Night
A Book of Constellations
by Jacqueline Mitton

Kindergarten - 4th grade

Find the Constellations
by H.A.Rey
4th grade - 6th grade

The Stars: A New Way to
See Them
by  H.A. Rey
6th grade - 8th grade

There Once Was a Sky
Full of Stars

2nd grade - 5th grade

The Magic School Bus
Space Books
(6 books total)
by Joanna Cole
1st grade - 3rd grade

Comets, Stars, the Moon,
and Mars

by Douglas Florian
1st grade - 6th grade

Dogs in Space
by Nancy Coffelt
Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Destination: Space
by Seymour Simon
4th grade - 7th grade

Me and My Place in Space
by Joan Sweeney
preschool - 2nd grade

First Space Encyclopedia
A first reference guide to our
galaxy and beyond

1st grade - 5th grade

There's No Place Like Space
All About Our Solar System
by Tish Rabe
Kindergarten - 1st grade

(books covering the sun, earth/sun relations, the moon, and space travel)

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Educational Toys & Games about Space

We specialize in reviewing children's books about different educational topics, but we have run across some pretty cool educational learning toys that we think would be great to add to classroom or at home 'space exploration.' Check out these fun options: