Best Kids Books on Holidays

Below are the best kids books on holidays and special occasions. We LOVE how children's books add to so much magic and excitement and to the holiday being celebrated. They're unbeatable. :)

We are currently building this category, but we thought we would post the best kids books lists that we have so far. Stay tuned...we're updating this section now!

New Year's Day
Chinese New Year
Benjamin Franklin's birthday
MLK Jr. Birthday
100th day of school

Groundhog Day    
Valentine's Day   
Presidents' Day 
Black History Month  

Dr. Seuss Birthday
Johnny Appleseed Day
St. Patrick's Day   
First Day of Spring

April Fool's Day        
Easter Sunday    
Earth Day
Arbor Day     

May & June
Cinco de Mayo     
Mother's Day 
Flag Day    
First Day of Summer   
Father's Day  

July & August
Fourth of July / Independence Day
Anniversary of the First Moon Landing
Space Week
First Day / Week of School

Day of the Dead
Election Day
Veterans' Day
Thanksgiving Day
Random Acts of Kindness Week

Rosa Parks Day (anniversary of arrest)
Letter Writing Day
Pearl Harbor Day
First Day of Winter / Winter Books