The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
by Tomie dePaola

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Native American Art Projects

The obvious Native-American-themed activity to accompany this book would be to do an art project involving creating pictographs and Native American style art. In the book, DePaola incorporates Native American pictographs and illustration style into his trademark personal style.

There are a number of fun Native American art projects on the internet. One of our favorites is:

Native American Art Projects
Native American Vests Project
described on (picture from their site)

Creative Writing Activity

In the story, the main character uses petroglyphs to record the events taking place and the history of his tribe. A BSU website page describes a fun lesson to accompany this book, incorporating petroglyphs and legends surrounding the naming of wildflowers into a creative writing activity. Fun!  The website provides all the details, but in short, students will:

- look at forms of petroglyphs (on a provided website) 

- look at wildflowers (also on a provided website) and choose one with an interesting name in order to
  write a legend about how that flower got its name
- create a picture writing of their legend of the wildflower

To read the full lesson description and get the links for the provided websites, please click here.

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