The Grapes of Math
Mind-Stretching Math Riddles

by Greg Tang
illustrated by Harry Briggs

The Grapes of Math is another fantastic Tang and Briggs production!  This book features 16 spreads that each pose math problems specifically aimed at challenging readers to think creatively and conceptually when solving the problem, rather than simply trying to count the items.

The aim of the book is (1) to help kids think more creatively when solving problems, and (2) help kids make the transition from addition to multiplication.  In our opinion as teachers, we think it does both beautifully!

Reading Levels

Interest Level:   Grade 2-6             DRA Level:  20
Grade Equivalent: 2.6                   
Guided Reading:  L

* We're missing Lexile. If you know it, please let us know.  :)

See Inside The Grapes of Math

Below is a sample spread from inside the book (and it's pretty representative of the general format and text/problem posing of all the book's spreads):

In case you can't read the words on our small sample spread, the text above reads:  "Of all the creatures in the sea,/ A fish is smart as smart can be. / While others swim and play it cool,/ A fish is happy in a school!/ How many fish are in this class?/ Answer quick and you will pass./ Here's a hint, a little clue,/ When counting fish, just look askew!" 

Then... at the end of the book, the author has provided the answer to each spread, including a verbal explanation and a small picture showing a strategy for coming up with the solution!  Very nice little addition that also makes this book great for kids to 'study' on their own.  :)

School Library Journal
called this book  "a fun addition to classroom and library shelves" and Publishers Weekly said, "... this duo's enthusiasm for their subject matter is contagious."  Yep... we totally agree!  Brigg's bright illustrations add much visual appeal, ensuring that students stay engaged and learn.

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