Sylvester and the Magic Pebble 

Lesson Ideas and Related Activities

Warning Label for the Pebble

Here's a fun writing activity to do following reading Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. At the end of the book, Sylvester's dad put the iron pebble in an iron safe to prevent something similar happening again. Tell you students that Sylvester's dad needs help making a warning label for the pebble because the next person who opens the safe needs to know about the pebble's magic powers.

Pass out the Magic Pebble Warning Label handout and have the children fill in the sections. (We put two per page to save paper so you will need to pre-cut the handouts.) 

Sylvester Warning Label
This will be a good check for reading comprehension and give the students some practice writing and describing things. (The empty box is where they draw the--yes--pebble!)


Grateful Acrostic Poem

Sylvester Acrostic
Okay, yes, I am recommending an acrostic poem. It's not the most wildly creative idea, but kids LOVE doing them, and it is an excellent way to get students to think more deeply about a subject.

One of the key themes in this book is to be grateful for what you have. Sylvester couldn't wait to make a ton of wishes, but then, in the end, he realized that he had everything he really wanted all along.

Have the students do an acrostic poem of the things and people that they are grateful for. 

We've made a Grateful Acrostic handout for you to use. Here's a small version at right. That's a pebble it's on, in case you can't tell in the small picture.

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