Slugs in Love
by Susan Pearson

by Susan Pearson
illustrated by Kevin O'Malley

Shy slug Marylou uses her slime trail to write love poems to Herbie the slug, who responds with a rhyme of his own, but a series of unfortunate circumstances prevents her from finding his responses. Desperate to meet her, he composes one final message on a tomato plant. At last, Marylou sees it; the two slugs meet and fall in love.

This book took us by surprise. Who'd have thought a book about slugs could be so adorable and clever! This book isn't specifically a Valentine's Day kids book, but it's definitely our favorite for the holiday! In addition to the sweet and unexpected 'love story', this book also touches on letter writing, determination, and poetry. Heck, kids even learn a little about slugs!

In a starred review, School Library Journal called the book "a clever and endearing love story that proves the power of perseverance." And Publisher's Weekly said "full of humor and charm, this as satisfying as a box of Valentine chocolates." We highly recommend this adorable book!

See Inside:  Kindergarten - 2nd grade

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