Seeker of Knowledge

Seeker of Knowledge: The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs
by James Rumford

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Seeker of Knowledge is a beautifully illustrated picture book biography of Jean Champollion, the first man to decifer Egyptian heiroglyphics. The title starts in Jean's childhood, when he first learned that Egyptian writing had never been deciphered and vowed he would be the first to do so. The title then continues on to show his diligent studying (by age 16, he knew all ancient languages!), his determination despite being turned down by scholars, and his eventual triumph. 

Rumford's watercolor illustrations are truly stunning and the margins are often full of Egyptian hieroglyphs and their meanings. Publisher's Weekly enthused that this book "will fire the imagination" and School Library Journal called it "an engaging introduction to a timeless topic."  We agree. If you are teaching about Egyptian heiroglyphics, your students will inevitably ask, "How do we know that's what it means?" This beautiful title can help answer those questions.

Book Details

Reading Stats
Interest Level: Gr. 2-5         DRA Level: not available
Reading Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: 720L

Topics Covered     Ancient Egypt (History)

Awards & Rating
NCSS Notable Social Studies Book 2001
Avg Amazon Customer Rating:
4.5 stars (9 reviews)
Seeker of Knowledge : The Man Who Deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Peek Inside
Below are sample pages from inside Seeker of Knowledge. James Rumford's large watercolor illustrations are just beautiful. My favorite is this first one shown below.  Don't you just want to jump into that scene and experience the study yourself?

Seeker of Knowledge

Here is another beautiful sample page, and as you can see, heiroglyphics are worked into the text as well as the illustrations.

Seeker of Knowledge

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