Saint Valentine
 by Robert Sabuda

A Valentine's Day kids book about the origins of the holiday. It started in ancient Rome when a doctor named Valentine restored sight to a young, poor blind girl and then sent her a secret message that she didn't receive until after Valentine was executed. Illustrated with Sabuda's exquisite paper mosaics, which are reminiscent of early Christian art. Beautiful!

If you'd like the share with children how this holiday came into being, try this book by master illustrator Robert Sabuda.

A friend who teaches at a Catholic elementary school reads this book every year on Valentine's Day and says it provides a nice counter- balance to the more commercial, candy-and-card giving aspects of the holiday. Once they hear this story, children will forever remember why it is that we give cards of love to one another on this special holiday and why we call it Valentine's Day.

(Note: As Valentine was a physician and a Christian priest, this book has a religious aspect to it. If you feel this may be a problem for your school, you can use Amazon's 'look inside' feature to pre-read a few pages.)

Interest Level:  1st grade - 3rd grade

Below are sample spreads from inside this book.  To see larger versions of these spreads, simply click on the images.

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