Rattletrap Car

Rattletrap Car
by Phyllis Root
illustrated by Jill Barton

reading levels, details on onomatopoeia, and more

This title makes for a perfect read-aloud if you're looking for a book with examples of onomatopoeia. In the story, it's hot out so a family decides to head to the lake. Poppa agrees, but will their old car make it?  Not long after starting the trip, "boomsssssss", a tire blows. Soon after that, "whumpety whomp!", the floor falls off.  The car trouble continues all the way to the lake, with each issue temporarily solved with some silly remedy. Barton's expressive illustrations and Root's even more expressive onomatopoeia-filled text make this a fun book indeed.

*Note: This book is aimed at younger children (PreS-Gr.1) but if you are teaching onomatopoeia to older children, don't pass it up just for that reason.  This title does an excellent job of demonstrating how onomatopoeia can add to a story. Just explain to your students that onomatopoeia is often used in children's books before you launch into the book.  

Book Details

Reading Stats
Interest Level: PreS-Gr.1     DRA Level: n/a
Reading Level:  age 4-8       Lexile Measure: AD510L

Great for teaching
onomatopoeia (Language Arts)

Awards & Rating
Average Customer Rating: 5 stars (20 reviews)
Rattletrap Car

Peek Inside

Here's a spread from inside the book showing the cute illustrations and the plentiful onomatopoeia! Other spreads have even more onomatopoeia--like when the floor falls out of the car (whumpety, whomp!), when the gas tank falls off (spitter, spitter sput), etc...

Rattletrap Car

Rattletrap Car

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