The World's Last Wilderness Revealed
by Robert Dinwiddie et al


Okay, we admit that Ocean: The World's Last Wilderness Revealed is not a kids' book and this website is supposed to be about kids' books. But, if you are looking for the best reference book on the ocean for older students, this is it!  In the engaging, well designed style that DK is known for, this title shares the beauty and wonder of the oceans while also educating the reader (or browser) on subjects like circulation, the tides, waves, oceanic life from the smallest bacteria to the largest mammals, etc.  Discussions include the full span of oceanic environments, from coastlines to open water and polar climates to tropical. This book covers all the basics in such a beautiful manner.

called this book "...the definitive reference for the entire family" and Good Morning America called it "...the ultimate informational book on the ocean."  It's definitely one to have!

Book Details

Reading Stats
Interest Level:  Gr. 7+     DRA Level: n/a
Reading Level:  adult      Lexile Measure: n/a

Topics Covered
the ocean habitat / ecosystem (Science)

Awards & Rating
Average Customer Rating: 5 stars (33 reviews)
Ocean by Dinwiddie

Peek Inside
Below are two spreads from inside Ocean: The World's Last Wilderness Revealed.  This book is full of stunning, full size, sharp photographs of all manner of ocean life. Some are even on pull-out pages (like the image on the right....we are only showing a part of it here.)  These images almost make you feel like you are there, which is likely as close as any of us will get to these oceanic environments.


In addition to spectacular photography, this book is also a "mini-course in Oceanography" (Booklist), as the pages are packed with information in small, digestible (albeit adult-level) doses. This format is great for browsers, as they can easily spot what interests them. And, as all DK books are known for, the ample use of supporting graphics, images, diagrams, etc...deepens the learning.


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