The Art of Problem Solving
written by Greg Tang
illustrated by Greg Paprocki

In this creative mix of art and math, Tang uses 12 famous works of art to help kids see the benefits of grouping. Each spread features a painting from a famous artist and a poem that poses a related math problem.

For example, Degas' Dance Rehearsal is shown next to a page showing a number of ballet shoes. Readers are asked to find the sum by grouping by seven first ("Can you make 7 with these shoes? / Three clever ways earn rave reviews.")

Through the illustrations, readers can see that there are three distinct ways to logically, quickly group the shoes, rather than simple counting them one by one.

Reading Levels

Interest Level:  Grade 2-5
Grade Equivalent: 3.1

DRA Level: 20
Guided Reading: L 

Lexile Measure: n/a

See Inside

Here are spreads from inside this book.  Each spread presents a famous work of art, with a facing page showing some element from the masterpiece. The text then poses a number sense, addition or subtraction problem to solve.


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