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Lucy and the Bully

Lucy and
the Bully
by Claire Alexander

Lucy and the Bully

Lucy and the Bully is our favorite 'bully book' for young children. The characters are endearing, the illustrations are adorable, and the storyline covers what is sadly an all-too-familiar occurance: a child who is being bullied but is afraid to tell a parent or teacher.

In the story, Lucy loves school, especially art class. She's the best artist in the class and all of the children agree. But when a mean fellow classmate starts bullying her, Lucy doesn't know what to do. He tells her that she better not tell on him, and she doesn't...for days. Finally, she can't keep her sadness inside and tells her mother, who calls the school. Lucy is frightened and can't sleep that night, but the next day at school, things are better. Tommy's mom is there, and soon Tommy is apologizing to Lucy. He even seems like he means it, and soon Lucy begins to see Tommy in a new light, realizing that his bullying actions were probably because he was jealous of her artistic talents.

"There are lots of books about bullies, but this one is especially thoughtful." (Booklist, starred review) We agree. Students will empathize with Lucy when she is being bullied and when she is afraid to tell. In fact, the story and the illustrations will "garner empathy for bully and victim alike." (SLJ) And, Lucy's final act of friendship toward Tommy is a powerful lesson in forgiveness and understanding.

While it's true that bullying situations are not often resolved as easily as this one is, this book is "a great discussion-starter for the playground set." (Booklist)

Book Details

Reading Stats
Interest Level: K-Gr.2         DRA Level: n/a
Reading Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: n/a

Topics Covered   - dealing with bullies

Awards & Rating
Avg Customer Rating:5 stars (5 reviews)
Lucy and the Bully

Peek Inside
Below is a sample spread from inside this book. This probably wasn't the best spread to select if we wanted to provide something that is representative of the overall illustrations (ie: none of the characters are depicted or the setting...) but it's just so cute we couldn't help ourselves. This spread depicts the clay models that the students have made during their art class. As you can see, Lucy, the star artist, clearly has the most spectacular of the bunch.

Lucy and the Bully

Lucy and the Bully

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