Leaping Lizards

 Leaping Lizards
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Lesson Idea:  Related activity suggestions

Stuart Murphy provides the following direction for teachers while reading this book in the classroom:

-Start with 50 playing blocks and ask the children to create groups of 5. How many groups of 5 are there? Then put the groups of 5 together in pairs to make groups of 10. How many groups of 10 are there? This can also be done using smaller objects such as buttons or pennies.
-Show your child or class an analog clock (with hands). Explain how each number on the clock face indicates 5 minutes. Together, count the number of groups of 5 minutes to discover how many minutes are in 1 hour.
-The 5s & 10s Travel Game: While riding together in a car or on a bus, ask each player to pick a color. Each car you see of that color is worth 5 points. The first player to get 50 points wins. Play again, changing the rules so each color is worth 10 points.
-Together, figure out how many figures and toes there are in total in the group. Suggest children first try counting first by 5s and then by 10s.  

Lesson Idea:  Lizard story problems

A teacher has posted some lessons on Bright Hub, and before launching in, he/she makes a very good point: "Students hate story problems but they love lizards. Use Leaping Lizards to develop an easy fun approach to story problems." :)  For details, click here.

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