If You Were an Adverb
by Michael Dahl 

Another charmingly illustrated book from the Word Fun folks!. Readers learn about what adverbs are and when and how to use them, with clear explanations and adorable acrylic illustrations. (ie: "Verbs tell us something happened. If you were an adverb, you could tell us how something happened. The snowboarder skied GRACEFULLY down the mountainside but he fell AWKWARDLY at the bottom.")  

The last few pages include directions for "The Adverb Game", a glossary of words used in the book, and suggested websites for learning more.

This book is part of the Word Fun series, which covers a range of language arts and math topics. For details on the Word Fun books that we've reviewed so far, please click here.

Interest Level:  1st grade - 4th grade

See Inside: 
Below are sample pages from inside this book. You can click on them to see larger versions. In the top spread, the relationship between verbs and adverbs is compared to that of peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich...they "go well together. / If you were an adverb, you would work closely with verbs."  We think that's a really cute and effective way to describe it. :)

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