If I Never Forever Endeavor
by Holly Meade

What It's About
A fledgling teeters at the edge of his nest in a gorgeously illustrated tale sure to resonate with anyone facing a rite of passage, change, or challenge.  (Full summary coming next).

Reading Levels
Interest Level:  Pres-Gr. 3       DRA Level:  *
Reading Level: age 4-8          Lexile Measure:  *
Grade Level Equiv: *              
Guided Reading:  *

* We're missing some reading stats. If you know them, let us know.

Peek Inside
Below are sample spreads from inside If I Never Forever Endeavor. 
In case the text is too small on our little samples below, here's what they say:

Below:  "If I did endeavor, and found my wings clever, I could see the world!"
Top Rt: "But, look there.. if I don't fly, I won't know what it is to swoop low or soar hight, or what
              it's like to pluck a sweet bug from the sky."
Btm Rt:  "Or float alongside a friend. Sigh."

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