How Much is a Million

How Much is a Million?
written by David Schwartz
illustrated by Steven Kellogg

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How Much is a Million is a great book for teaching very large numbers because the examples are so fun that students are really engaged and fascinated throughout the entire book. David Schwartz uses a series of examples to demonstrate how big a million is, then a billion, then a shopping cart   To buy this
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trillion. Examples include fish in a bowl, kids standing on each others'
shoulders, counting to the number, etc. They are the types of activities that kids think would be fun to try out. In fact, in our experience, students really do think that once they know all their numbers, they could sit down one afternoon and count to a million. They are shocked to find out that it would take them weeks to do so (it's one of the examples in this book.)  

The intent of the book is to convey the idea that these are extremely large numbers (as opposed to providing a more mathematical, precise understanding of the numbers.)  Children are fond of throwing out these big numbers (ie: "I want a million Barbies for my birthday"), so it's very interesting and educational to help them understand the true enormity of a million, a billion, and a trillion.

Also, our students LOVE these illustrations. I think it's the bright colors, the fact that so much is going on, the cartoonish look, etc... All books in this series get picked up a lot during silent reading and we think it's mostly the fun illustrations! 

How Much is a Million  --  David Schwartz

Reading Stats
Interest Level:  K-Gr.2        DRA Level: 16-18
Reading Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: 760L

Topics Covered
very large numbers (Math--Number Sense)

Awards & Rating
Avg Customer Rating:5 stars (21 reviews)

How Much is a Million?

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Peek Inside
Below is a sample spread to give you an idea of the cheery, colorful illustration style and how large quantities are presented in ways that children will understand. In this spread, the page asks How Much is a Million"How much is a billion?"  The right page starts the answer, saying "If a billion kids made a human tower" and shows a high tower of children sitting on each others' shoulders.

The next spread continues with the answer, showing how far into space the human tower would go before reaching a billion kids.

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