How Big is a Million?
by Anna Milbourne; illustrated by Serena Riglietti

 How Big is a Million

How Big is a Million? is a great book for helping young students to visualize very large numbers. In the story, a curious little penguin wants to see what a million of something looks like so he sets off to find out. He sees that his mother has caught 10 fish for breakfast (see spread above), then he finds 100 penguins huddled together (see spread below), then he sees 1,000 snowflakes (in a two-page spread that is really breathtaking.)  Sad that he hasn't seen a million of anything, he heads home dejected and is ready to give up when his mother tells him to look up into the sky, and when he does, he sees a million stars--depicted on large included pull-out poster!

Book Details

Reading Stats
Interest Level:  K-Gr. 1       DRA Level: n/a
Reading Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: n/a

Topics Covered  
very large numbers (math)

Awards & Rating
Avg Customer Rating:5 stars (3 reviews)
How Big is a Million

Peek Inside
Here's a spread from inside this book---to give you an idea of the charming illustration style and amount of text on the spreads. In this spread, the little penguin stumbles upon a large crowd of penguins and learns that there are 100 of them. That's a lot but not the million he is looking for.

How Big is a Million

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