Here Is the Coral Reef

Here Is the Coral Reef
by Madeleine Dunphy
illustrated by Tom Leonard

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Here Is the Coral Reef is a beautifully illustrated cumulative tale about the interdependent plants and animals that live in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Dunphy and Leonard start with beautiful, vibrantly colored corals, then introduce parrot fish that feed on the corals, then wrasses that clean the faces of the parrot fish, and so forth through cod, reef sharks, manta rays, a turtle, etc. 

The bright acrylic illustrations are what makes this book a standout! Readers can learn a lot about coral reefs just by pouring over the detailed, luminous depictions. Leonard "varies perspectives, giving viewers the impression that they are not only underwater at eye level with the reef's inhabitants, but sometimes at tooth level." (Kirkus)  We absolutely agree with School Library Journal's ending statement about this book: "Although the repetitive text doesn't sing, this vibrant, idealized picture of a southern hemisphere reef will grab and hold the attention of young viewers."  

Reading Stats
Interest Level:  K-Gr.2        DRA Level: 28
Reading Level:  age 4-8      Lexile Measure: n/a

Topics Covered    coral reefs (Science)

Awards & Rating
NSTA Outstanding Book 1999
Reading Rainbow selection
Avg Customer Rating:
4 stars (4 reviews)
Here Is The Coral Reef

Peek Inside
Here is a spread from inside this book. Unfortunately, at this small size, you miss some of the magic of the detailed, luminous illustrations. If you want to show your students the beauty of the coral reef and the life that teems within this ecosystem, this is a fantastic book to use!  

Here Is the Coral Reef

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