Happy Endings: A Story about Suffixes
by Robin Pulver; illustrated by Lynn Rowe Reed

Happy Endings is another fun book from the team of Robin Pulver and Lynne Rowe Reed. In the story, it's the end of the school year, and the students in Mr. Wright's class don't want to learn anything else, so when Mr. Wright announces, "After lunch and our read-aloud, we'll tackle word endings," the students groan. So do the anthropomorphized suffixes, who don't understand what they have done wrong to deserve to be tackled. To prepare themselves to be tackled, they sneak off to the gym to get into shape, and are thus absent from the chalkboard when the class returns and Mr. Wright is ready to start the lesson.

The students then search for the endings, hanging some wanted posters (minus the suffixes) that ask if anyone has seen the endings. Luckily,
the word endings see all the wanted posters and, feeling that they are
wanted after all, leave clues for the students regarding their whereabouts.
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All the students have to do is correctly rearrange the words in the clues
so that the suffixes are in the right place, and they will find the missing word endings.

The back of the book includes several pages of rules and clues about using suffixes, and throughout the book, the suffixes are bolded and in red. (ie: "The school year was winding down. The days seemed endless.  Mr. Wright's students were excited about summer vacation.")

Happy Endings by Robin Pulver

Reading Stats
Interest Level:     Gr. 1-3       
DRA Level:         not available
Reading Level:    age 4-8    
Lexile Measure:  not available

Topics Covered    
silent letters (Language Arts--phonics)

Awards & Rating
Average Rating: 4.5 stars (3 reviews)
Happy Endings

This isn't our favorite title from Pulver and Reed. The bright and quirky acrylic illustrations are as fun as in other titles by the duo, but this title feels a bit chaotic and the storyline is not as strong as in the other titles. Still, it's "a good addition to their language-arts series" (Kirkus)  and should be helpful for teachers who are teaching suffixes to their students. (To see other books by this team: Silent Letters Loud and Clear or Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day or Puncuation Takes a Vacation. )

Peek Inside:
Here's an interior page showing Reed's vibrant and quirky acrylic illustration style. Most pages have much more text than this one, but this page does show how words with suffixes are presented.

Happy Endings

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