Domino Addition

written and illustrated by Lynette Long

This book works!  Domino Addition is a great resource for teaching addition (to 12) to young children because it's packed full of visual representations and little tasks that get the reader engaged (ie: find all the dominoes with a given total; add the dots to find the total...)

This book isn't going to grab you as super creative, but it is a math workhorse! We only wish we had big books of this title.  In fact, we are considering buying another copy of the book, one that we can we'll tear about, laminate, and put up on the wall and use as visual aides when we teach 'ways to make" (using the left sides of each spread).  Since this will peak kids interest, we'll definitely want a copy in the class library as well.  Two copies, but oh so worth it!

In their review of this book, Kirkus Reviews said "A math game and counting book that takes advantage of the intuitive understanding of addition that children gain from a set of dominoes ... a well-designed book."

Interest Level:  Kindergarten - Grade 3                  
Lexile Measure: AD760L

See Inside Domino Addition

Below are sample pages from inside Domino Addition.  They are visually simple, but such a great idea. Kids love the little tasks and will be engaged throughout!

The left side of each spread shows all the ways to make a number.
Sorry.... we only have sample pages for zero and one, but trust us--  as the number gets bigger, there's more to the left side since it shows all the 'ways to make' it.

(For example, the spread for 6 includes 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, and 3+3).

The right side of each spread is a 'find the total' activity. So, as you can see in the page below, the shape of a zero is made with dominoes, and readers are asked to find the dominoes that total zero. This is, of course, quite simple for zero, but it does get more complex as the numbers get higher.

Then, this format continues on with the next spread featuring the number 1. The left side shows the ways to make 1.  The right side shows the number 1 made out of dominoes and asks the reader to find the individual dominoes that add up to 1.

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