books to celebrate valentines day

Best Children's Books to Celebrate Valentine's Day
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books to celebrate valentines day

We love to celebrate Valentine's Day with some great children's books. This is already such a fun holiday for kids, and adding some cute and funny children's books to the mix just adds to the day! And books don't have to be written specifically for the holiday in order to be used to celebrate
Valentine's Day!  In fact, about a third of the books that we include on our list aren't specifically about Valentine's Day, but are about love and kindness in general. Since the holiday can easily be expanded to encompass more than simply 'romantic' love, these books are just as appropriate and fun for the holiday as the ones written specifically for the day!

Below is page four of our six page list of the very best children's books to celebrate Valentine's Day. Once you've perused the books on this page, click the arrow at the bottom of the page to see more of the list.

Love Bugs: A Pop Up Book
 by David Carter

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Love Bugs

See inside Love Bugs: A Pop-Up Book

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What it's about
A spectacularly done pop-up book full of Love Bugs, Rose bugs, Kissing Bugs, Cupid Bugs, and other fun, Valentines-themed fanciful pop-up insects.

Why we like it
We are fans of Carter's other bug themed pop-up books were delighted to see this book that's perfect for a special read-aloud on Valentine's Day.

Reading Levels
Interest Level: Gr. 2-5      DRA Level:  n/a
Difficulty Level: age 8+     Lexile Measure: n/a

Awards and Rating
Average Amazon Rating:5 stars (12 reviews)

Zombie in Love
by Kelly DiPucchio and Scott Campbell

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What it's about
Poor Mortimer the zombie just can't seem to find love. He tried the gym, but that didn't work because his arm kept falling off. He tried to meet a sweetheart out dancing, but his moves were so stiff none of the ladies found him attractive. Will he ever find love?

Why we like it
Feeling a bit overloaded on pink-and-frilly books and  stories of exchanging valentines This book is the perfect antidote!  It's about Valentine's Day, but with a comic twist and an unexpectedly adorable main character. You can't help but feel for poor Mortimer and root for him to find some zombie love. :)  Let's face it: some kids just don't like all the Valentine's Day 'gushy' stuff. This book delivers something those kids can appreciate. You will definitely have them in giggles with this book (between chills, that is.)

Reading levels
Interest Level: K-Gr. 3      DRA Level:  n/a
Difficulty Level:  age 4-8   Lexile Measure:  AD400L

Awards and Rating
Average Amazon Rating:5 stars (8 reviews)

Never Too Little to Love
by Jeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley

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What it's about
Tiny Too-Little is a mouse in love, but he's so tiny and the object of his affection is so tall, he just can't seem to reach high enough to get a kiss. Undaunted, he piles object after object into a tall tower, hoping to finally reach his great love. Will he ever get a kiss?

"This tall, slim book about love offers some delightful design surprises...Attractive as it is clever." (Booklist)

Why we like it
This book isn't specifically about Valentine's Day but we are including it on this list because it's a really cute love story with fun, clever paper engineering. And the repetitive text makes it great for early readers!

Reading levels
Interest Level:  PreS-K       DRA Level: n/a
Difficulty Level:  age 4-8     Lexile Measure: n/a

Awards and Rating
Average Amazon Rating:5 stars (9 reviews)

Pierre in Love
by Sara Pennypacker and Petra Mathers

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Pierre in Love

See inside Pierre in Love

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What it's about
Pierre the mouse is in love with Catherine the rabbit, and Catherine feels the same about the dashing Pierre, but both are too shy to tell each other how they feel. In lyrical text and charming (award winning) illustrations, readers watch as these two bashful lovers summon the courage to meet. Cute!

Reading levels
Interest Level:  K-Gr. 2     DRA Level:  n/a
Difficulty Level:  age 4+    Lexile Measure:  730L

Awards and Rating
Society of Illustrators Golden Kite Award
Charlotte Zolotow Highly Recommended Book
Average Amazon Rating:5 stars (5 reviews)

Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons on Love
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jane & Brooke Dyer

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Sugar Cookies

See inside Sugar Cookies

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What it's about
As in Rosenthal's best selling book Cookies, this title defines words relating to a theme--in this case love-- and provides cute, kid-friendly examples of each word (ie: heartfelt, compassionate, selfless, heartbroken...)

Why we like it
Like the other books on this list, this title isn't specifically about Valentine's Day, but it is full of "sweet little lessons on love" so we find it a great read during the Valentine's Day 'season'.  And it's a great vocabulary builder as well!

Reading levels
Interest Level:  PreS-Gr. 1    DRA Level:  n/a
Difficulty Level: age 4-8        Lexile Measure: n/a

Awards and Rating
Average Amazon Rating:5 stars (12 reviews)

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