Caldecott Award Winners--
the very best children's books!

Below is a continuation of our big list of Caldecott Award winners. The books listed on this page of our list are surely some of the most stunning and extraordinary picture books for kids that have ever been published. Each one merits the honor. Caldecott Committee: We agree!

Every year we fall in love with the handful of Caldecott Award winners, but we think the 2000s are particularly fabulous. We meet Mo Willem's pigeon and Trixie for the first time, both of whom go on to star in equally wonderful sequels. Other favorites like Kevin Henkes and Steve Jenkins also made it onto this list.

If we had to pick a favorite, it might be The Hello, Goodbye Window, with its exuberant illustration and childlike text that both perfectly capture the emotions and imagination of a child of that age. Brilliant! But then again, you can't go wrong with books illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Peter Sis, Kadir Nelson, Brian Selznick, etc. These are without a question some of the best illustrators around. On behalf of all fans of children's books, we have one request for these talented Caldecott Award winners: don't stop!  Keep the magic comin'. We'll be waiting.

Below is a continuation of our list. More recent Caldecott Award winners are here.

Caldecott Award Winners

The Wall
Growing Up Behind the Iron
Curtain (a highly illustrated
autobiography about life in

3rd grade & Up

The Invention of
Hugo Cabret

(a 'novel in pictures' about a
Paris orphan with a mystery)

Caldecott Medal 2009
4th grade - 7th grade

Henry's Freedom Box
(true story of a slave who
literally mailed himself
north to freedom)

Caldecott Honor 2008
2nd grade - 5th grade

First the Egg
(book about transformation
in nature; full of die-cuts)
by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Preschool - 1st grade

Gone Wild:

Animal Alphabet
(for older kids)
3rd grade & Up

What Do You Do
With a
Tail Like This?

(a look at how different
animals use various body parts)

Kindergarten - 5th grade

Knuffle Bunny
A Cautionary Tale
(mayhem ensues when a
stuffed bunny is left behind)

Preschool - 1st grade

Knuffle Bunny Too
(in this sequel, two friends
mix up their cherished
stuffed bunnies)

Preschool - 1st grade

(discovery of an old camera
yields unusual images)

Caldecott Medal 2007
Kindergarten - 4th grade

Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her
People to Freedom

(beautifully illustrated bio)
2nd grade - 5th grade

Hot Air
The Mostly True Story
the First Hot
Air Balloon Ride
Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Hello, Goodbye Window
(adorable story about a child's visit with her grandparents)
2006 Caldecott Medal
Preschool - 2nd grade

(beautifully illustrated
biography of Rosa Parks
and her legacy)
3rd grade - 5th grade

Song of the Water

Other Pond Poems
life in a pond habitat)
3rd grade - 6th grade

Coming On Home Soon
(story about a childhood
on the homefront
during World War II)

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Zen Shorts
(three Zen tales for living a
thoughtful, compassionate life)

Kindergarten - 3rd grade

Kitten's First Full Moon
(a kitten mistakes the moon
for a saucer of milk)

Caldecott Medal 2005
Preschool - Kindergarten

The Red Book
(wordless story about a
magical power of books
and imagination)

fun for all ages

Don't Let the Pigeon
Drive the Bus!

(hilarious! a pigeon tries
to convince the reader to
let him drive a bus)

Preschool - 2nd grade

Noah's Ark
(beautifully illustrated
retelling of the Noah story)
by Jerry Pinkney
Caldecott Honor 2003

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed
(story of a little girl who
wants to pick out
her own outfit)

Preschool - Kindergarten

The Man Who Walked
Between the Towers

(true story of a Twin Towers feat)

Kindergarten - 5th grade

Hondo and Fabian
(sweet, quiet book about how a
dog and a cat spend their day)

Preschool - 1st grade

The Stray Dog
(a family discover a lost dog
during a picnic at the park)

Preschool - 3rd grade

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