Big, Bigger, Biggest
by Nancy Coffelt

This fun book shows animals and the synonyms that describe them. A chick is petite, tiny, itty- bitty; a whale is gigantic, immense, enormous...

Readers learn synonyms for large, small, hungry, fast, slow, and more--all via the proud exclamations of animals who possess that trait.

Given the cover, we assumed this book would be for toddlers, but it's actually ideal for showing kids in the early grades the great variety of synonyms that exist for many different words. A handful of words are too advanced for this audience (ie: somnolent, insatiable) but the overall message about synonyms is still a good one. School Library Journal said "teachers looking for an innovative way to introduce synonyms and superlatives will certainly find much to work with here." We agree.

Interest Level:  Kindergarten - 2nd grade     

See inside
Below are sample pages and spreads from inside this cute and helpful book:

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