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This page lists children's and young adult books about the Battle of Little Bighorn, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull. We are hoping to expand this category over the next few months, as it is important for children to learn about the heroism and accomplishments of Native American leaders and to have a more complete picture of the major Indian Wars of the previous centuries. If you know of some good children's book about the the Battle of Little Bighorn and/or other Indian Wars or leaders, let us know.

Note: The interest age of the books listed below increases as you move down the page.

Crazy Horse's Vision
Crazy Horse's Vision
by Joseph Bruchac

A dramatic retelling of the story of Crazy Horse, who as a boy saw U.S. soldiers attack his people and through a vision quest, saw that he would lead his people against their attacks. Sioux artist S.D. Nelson's painting are well paired with Bruchac's compelling story telling--depicting the drama and tragedy of the leader's life and expertly depicting the vision quest portion with "sweeping vistas and somewhat ghostly textured brushwork." (PW)

Reading Levels:
Interest Level--PreS-Gr.3   Difficulty Level--age 4-8
Remember Little Bighorn : Indians , Soldiers , and Scouts Tell Their Stories
Remember Little Bighorn
Indians, Soldiers, and Scouts Tell Their Stories

This attractive volume details the Battle of Little Bighorn and includes the conflicting viewpoints of the white soldiers and Native American tribes that participated in it. In a starred review, SLJ said that "this exemplary historical account creates a vivid picture of a time, place, and event."

Rdg Levels: 
Interest Level--Gr. 4-8    Difficulty Level--Y.A.
Geronimo: A Novel
by Joseph Bruchac

Geronimo's fictional grandson, Little Foot, tells this story from his perspective, and points out where history books were wrong about his grandfather. The story follows the Apaches from their Arizona home to Florida via train, shows them having to send their children to the Carlisle Indian School, and gives a "close-up view of a valiant leader and the hardships endured by his people." (Booklist)

Reading Levels:
Interest Level--Gr. 5-10     Difficulty--young adult

Tatan'ka Iyota'ke:
Sitting Bull and His World

This book provides a compelling portrait of Lakota Sioux leader Sitting Bull, and the traditions and beliefs that shaped his personality and leadership. Marrin also shows how vast differences in belief structures were a primary cause of conflict (ie: the Native American belief that people can't 'own' land). "Readers will come away with a palpable sense of the injustice of America's Indian wars." (PW)

Reading Levels:
Interest Level--Gr. 6+   Difficulty Level--young adult

The Life and Death of Crazy Horse
The Life and Death of Crazy Horse
by Russell Freedman

Summary: In the style of a traditional storyteller, Freedman shares Crazy Horse's valiant but tragic life, placing it within the larger dynamics of the period (gold rush, railroads, white settlers' desire for land...) "Readable and balanced" (SLJ), this title also includes black-and-white Indian pictographs.

Rdg Levels:  Interest--Gr. 7+  Difficulty--Y.A.

This is most definitely a category we would like to expand. Do you know of a good children's book about the the Battle of Little Bighorn and/or other Indian Wars?  If so, please let us know by completing the Suggest a Book form in the top right column.

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