Apple Fractions

by Jerry Pallotta
illustrated by Rob Bolster

Apple Fractions is a straight- forward approach to teaching fractions using apples and little elves who cut the apples into thirds, fourths, etc--each with dedicated spreads showing numerals, words, and illustrations of the fraction.

Teachers can easily build fraction lessons around this book by cutting up real apples into fractions as they read the spreads of the book. The text also includes details on the many different varieties of apples!

Reading Levels
Interest Level: K-Gr. 2             Lexile Measure: 490L        Grade Equivalent: 2.6 

See inside
Here's a sample page from inside this book. Most of the pages look similar to this one in format, although the text on the bottom is about apple types and not fractions on about half the pages. Imagine reading this book aloud to your class and stopping at various points to actually cut apples into the fractions being discussed ("Let's try that with this apple.") We've heard from teachers that this approach really works and the class remains engaged throughout the lesson.

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Lesson Ideas for Apple Fractions

This book was clearly written with the intent of teaching fractions and therefore lends itself well to classroom lessons and activities. The most obvious way is to pair reading the book with actually cutting up apples while your students watch.  Sometimes it takes seeing the apple whole, then seeing it in 2 parts to get what 1/2 is or 3 parts to get what 1/3rd is.

If you don't want to keep bringing apples to your class each year, you can use these magnetic apples available from The benefit with these is that kids can manipulate them to create the fractions themselves (as opposed to real apples, which can only be cut by the teacher because of the knives.)

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