Best American History
Books for Kids

American history books for kids are a powerful way to personalize distant time periods. All that "history stuff" happened so long ago that it can be hard for kids to see its importance or relate to the people.
Selecting awesome American history books for kids can be the perfect, kid-friendly antidote for those children who have not yet caught the history bug! :)

Well-chosen US history books for kids are not only great resources for teaching history lessons; they also can bring these "long ago" events and people to life when part of a required reading list.  We've seen it firsthand and so have countless other teachers and parents. It is so exciting to see kids light up because of it!

Really... we just can't say enough good things about the power of great kids American History books to bring history ALIVE!  We're great lovers of historical fiction ourselves, and have found that children's / young adult historical fiction books can often be just as compelling as those for use grown ups.

American History Books by time period

 Native Americans

 Age of Exploration 

 Colonial Times 

 American Revolution 

 Declaration of Indep.


 George Washington biographies 

 Benjamin Franklin biographies 

 other Founding Father biographies 

 American Civil War 


 Abraham Lincoln Bios

 Pioneers & American Frontier Life

 Lewis & Clark

 Transcontinental Railroad 

Internment Camps 

 Nazi and the 

 Civil Rights Era 

 Cold War Era 

 Vietnam War / Protests 

One special plug for the Dear America and My Name is America fictional memoir series: we LOVE them!  Each one is written by a popular children's book author and is packed with fascinating historical facts and personal experiences. Kids love these books, often ending up feeling like they have a "friend" who lived during the time period depicted. Such a powerful teaching supplement!

Homeschoolers: US history books for kids are a great supplement to your homeschool history curriculum. And since you can get the books at the library, it helps the homeschool history curriculum budget too! 

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