by Martin Jarrie

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This would be a fun book to use when teaching about United States Geography.  It's a great jumping off point for discussions about the historic, geographic, and cultural diversity of America. Beyond just an ABC book, this would be a fun book to use when talking about American Geography!  Here's one fun related lesson/activity idea:

Read this book to your class--to give them inspiration and get their creativity flowing. Then divide students into groups and have them brainstorm additional (1) historical, (2) cultural, and (3) geographic words about the United States to create their own ABC books. (Have them talk quietly so that each group will come up with their own words.) Once they have a list, groups should divide the list up amongst themselves, create pages for their words, and once complete, staple them together to create ABC USA books of their own. The possibilities are seemingly endless, ie:

A is for Alabama or Abraham Lincoln or Abolitionists or Agriculture or Appalachia...
B is for Buffalo Bill or Broadway or Boston Tea Party or Black Hills or Baseball...
C is for California or Cotton Gin or Christopher Columbus or Christmas or Civil Rights Mvmt...

Once the books are done, have the groups present them to the class and discuss their choices.  It will be fun to see the variety they come up with (although to help encourage that variety, you may want to give them quotas for the categories so that they don't do all states, all holidays, etc...)

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