A Ball for Daisy
by Chris Raschka

A Ball for Daisy is SOOOO cute!  The story is VERY simple: it's about a spunky puppy named Daisy who loves her favorite toy and is crushed with it is destroyed by a bigger dog.

This is a scenario every child can relate to, and it's really quite impressive that Raschka is able to communicate such strong emotions--the joy and sadness of a beloved toy--without the benefit of any words. The illustrations are just that magical!

This book won the prestigious Caldecott Medal in 2012!

We first fell in love with Raschka's swirling illustration style in The Hello, Goodbye Window, and this simple picture book is every bit as magical! Kirkus Reviews was dead on in their starred review when they said, "Rarely, perhaps never, has so steep an emotional arc been drawn with such utter, winning simplicity."  And anyone familiar with Raschka will surely agree with School Library Journal, who said of this book: "Raschka’s genius lies in capturing the essence of situations that are deeply felt by children."

Please don't skip over this book just because it is wordless. A Ball for Daisy joins the growing number of brilliant recently published wordless children's books that powerfully demonstrate the power of pictures alone to tell a story.  It's not just for very little kids. The story is touching to all ages.  We are totally wordless book converts!

Interest Level: Pres-Gr. 1            Difficulty Level: age 3+   (it's a wordless book!)

Author Chris Raschka has created a teachers' guide that's actually applicable to a number of his books. In his guide, Chris outlines how to use this book to teach (1) Story Mapping, (2) Creating a Classroom Narrative, (3) Grammar, (4) Sequencing, and (5) Cause and Effect. To download the free teacher's guide click here: A Ball for Daisy Teacher's Guide

See Inside A Ball for Daisy

Below are two sample spreads from inside this adorable wordless picture book.  It's hard to get a sense of the magic of this book from just a few sample spreads, but hopefully this will give you an idea of the illustration style and the wordless format.

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