1 Hunter  by Pat Hutchins

1 Hunter is several decades old, but since it continues to amuse while it educates, we are including it here. Your young students will get a real kick out of knowing something that the character doesn't! In this title, one very determined hunter sets out on an African hunting safari, but isn't having much luck. What he doesn't know--but the audience does--is that there are animals all around him. He walks right by 2 elephants, then 3 giraffes, then 4 ostriches, then 5 antelopes, etc... Suspense builds with each turn of the page. Will the silly hunter ever see any of these animals all around him?

Reading Stats
Interest Level:      PreSchool-Kindergarten
Reading Level:     ages 4-8
D.R.A. Level:       not available
Lexile Measure:   not available

Topics Covered  
learning numbers and counting (Math)

Awards & Rating
ALA Notable Children's Book 1983
Avg Amazon Rating: 4.5 stars(3 reviews)

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I Hunter

Peek Inside
This is a great book for children who are just learning their numbers from 1 to 10, as each page shows the numeral and the corresponding number of animals. While this may not be our first pick for counting books, it's a classic that has 1 Hunterdefinitely stood the test of time and worth checking out.

At right is a page from inside the book, to give you an idea of the illustrations and the comedic premise--that the hunter is so bad
at his task that he doesn't see the animals right near him (in this
case, two elephants not so well hidden behind two palm trees). The text is very minimal, just numerals and nouns like in this example.

We keep holding out hope that
they will issue a new printing of
this book -- with the same pictures and text but updated print quality.
Regardless, it's still a fun book that kids seem to really enjoy.

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